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What is The IP Club All About?

The IP Club is an option our Firm offers our loyal clients to reduce fees and provide other special benefits to our clients.

IP Club Offers

  • Reduced hourly rates!
  • A library of technology documents
  • Our proprietary NDAMaker® for creating custom non-disclosure agreements
  • One on one consultations
  • Checklists and other tools, unique to Club Members

How Does The IP Club Work?

When a client agrees to enter the IP Club, our Firm lowers our services rates based upon a good faith commitment by the client to have a long term relationship between Michael Lightfoot and you, the client.

The IP Club is for clients seeking to take the next step in having a closer relationship with their lawyer and involving us more deeply in your business activities.

Our IP Club is available to those who have made a commitment to protecting their IP and getting their product to market faster, but also want to avoid high costs.

The IP Club offers a solution to the issue of the high cost of an attorney and also provides scheduled lawyer availability.

Our unique NDAMaker® allows you to EASILY create customized non-disclosure agreements that once signed, allows you and your team to “talk” to people about your product idea(s), without losing your intellectual property rights.

We get to know you and now you don't have to watch the clock.

We recognize that professional legal services are costly.

We know startup companies don’t generally have a lot of money, but we can’t work for free. So, we put together the IP Club where we meet our Firm’s preferred clients.

The IP Club is a great way to reduce costs by signing up to a brief commitment with our Firm.

The IP Club is a way for our prefered clients to lower their lawyer costs once they are ready to commit to our Firm and allow us to be their regular legal representatives.

How Much Does it Cost?

The commitment from you as our client is $500 a month and you get 2 hours per month of our time dedicated to your projects from our staff.

We charge monthly (to a debit card) for the IP Club services.

If you are a Member of the IP Club and you need additional hours from our professional law staff, they are at a $250/hr rate. That’s 33% off of our normal rate! – A SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS TO YOU!

If you need legal services, and want to join the IP Club, you sign up for a minimum six (6) month agreement. You are then free to terminate the IP Club any time after that initial 6 month period has ended.

Many of our clients have found this to be a great way to save money and protect their company. We hope you do too.

Give us a call today at 800-982-6641.


  • $500 per block of 2 hours per month.
  • Rate represents a rate of $250 per hour and 33% Discount
  • Requires a 180 day commitment to our Firm.
  • We hope that clients will continue with this program as their needs dictate.

Call us for a free consultation and we can discuss the features of the IP Club in more detail.


Lower professional services costs; commitment to our “relationship”; we learn about your business, on call technology law.

From founding the company, through document creation & review, to exiting the company, we serve you professionally.


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