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Protect Your Technology


Protecting Your Technology

Perhaps you’ve founded a Company by yourself or with friends, and have created technology (software, firmware, App’s etc.) and you desperately want to show it to everyone!

BUT, if you do not properly protect your idea, you can lose it!

We work with you to identify your intellectual property (IP) and create the documents that allow you to take your ideas to investors, developers, sales people and others, while protecting your ideas from inadvertent disclosure.

We will work with you to patent your “original” ideas, apply copyrights and trademark and/or create procedures for protecting your trade secrets.

We will work with you to develop an IP strategy and implement IP protections to safeguard your ideas and allow you to generate revenue from it.

Do you want someone to talk with related to:

  • Patents (software, process, etc.)
  • Copyright
  • Trade Secret
  • Trademarks
  • IP Protection Strategy
  • IP Information Security Strategy & Policies

Someone who will explain things in terms you understand and with a clear understanding of the trends and models used in today’s technology marketplace?


  • Would you like someone to talk to regarding whether or not your processes (or product) are patentable? What are your trade secrets? What other strategies for protection might be applicable to your company?
  • Are you worried that the young lawyer that they gave you a large law firm knows less about technology business than you do? Tired of having to educate the business lawyers about technology and spending large portions of your fees getting the lawyer up to speed? Want someone who has experience in modern-day technology business models?
  • Do you need to protect your technology from pirates? Do you do a lot of international work?
  • In the development of your product are you worried about having a strategy for protecting and leveraging your intellectual property for the best benefit of the revenues?
  • Need to patent protect your intellectual property and keep your company from wasting time and money;
  • IP protections allow creators to have original rights and determine who can financially benefit from their work

Protection of Technology

Services deliverable during this stage of company life cycle:

We identify the intellectual property; implement a strategy for the protection of the IP and leveraging that IP for revenue.

Protections may include patents, licensing of the technology, copyright, trademark and trade secret.


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