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We are available to talk with you about the business operations of your technology enterprise, in today’s rapidly changing global marketplace. We can discuss issues from leases to distributors and affiliates, to joint ventures and sales contacts. We are knowledgeable and will provide you with strong legal advice as needed over your company’s operational life.

Want to discuss operations issues such as:

  • Leases
  • Distribution (Dealers, Distributors, Affiliates, etc.)
  • Volume Purchases
  • Website Privacy Policy
  • Employee Handbook
  • Piracy & Security
  • System For Protecting and Marketing IP
  • Social Media
  • Privacy
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Joint Ventures (JV), Alliances, Merger


  • Do you have someone you can call when you need to have a lease reviewed quickly? Someone who understands your business and is able to advise you based upon history and technology background?
  • Do you have someone to assist you with your volume purchase arrangements to get the best value you can for the amount of technology purchasing you intend to undertake during the next 12 months? Have you thought about alliances with others who use the same software to assist in cost reduction?
  • Are you worried about what your employees are able to do on social media and how you should handle the various (and rapidly expanding) social media tools? Do you have Employee Policy manuals that are presented to the employees and updated regularly?
  • Are you worried about privacy and security of your company data and how to protect it adequately in today’s rapidly changing environment?
  • Is your technology kept secure from pirates and other threats; Do you understand the liability you may incur for not keeping your customer’s data secure?
  • Do you use Virtual Private Networks to provide security through tunneling protocols and procedures like encryption? VPN’s:
    • Keep networks safe and connected;
    • 3rd party use can NOT be monitored or followed (no spam)
    • Allows IP to be securely rendered for limited amounts of time, under specific rules

Business Operations

Services deliverable during this stage of company life cycle:

Services in this area are too numerous to identify with specificity, but normal technology disagreements and disputes such as: employees, funding, leasing, business disputes, and day to day operation issues are addressed by our firm to assist our clients to resolves those matters successfully.


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