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A non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement is required before you disclose information about your technology to ANY third party. Until you and I have reviewed your intellectual property and determined (and applied) the appropriate protections, a non-disclosure is required to keep your ideas confidential.One of the biggest differences between a technology company and other entities is the requirement to protect the technology or lose it.

We can prepare these types of confidentiality documents for your Company, so that you can begin to talk about your ideas with consultants, developers, sales people, etc.

If the people you were going to be talking to are potential competitors, you may also wish to add a clause (or two), restricting the ability of those parties to compete against you in the future, using your technology ideas.

Use of these types of confidentiality agreements with non-compete provisions, when you talk to anyone, is critical to protecting your intellectual property, so that you avoid losing your ideas through inadvertent disclosure. This is especially true at the early stages of the development of your idea. Until we can apply for appropriate patents, protect your trade secrets, and get the licensing model created, you want to have the people that are looking at your technology, be required to keep the “essence of your intellectual property” secret and that is done through appropriate confidentiality agreements, with non-compete provisions as appropriate.


  • You need to have a non-disclosure, with non-compete provisions before you can “sell” your technology, so that someone cannot steal it after you show it to them?
  • Do you receive information from other people in the operations of your business that require confidentiality agreements and do you understand the different types of agreements and their benefits/risks?
  • Do you have restrictive covenants with your developers and prospective clients sufficient to keep those parties from “stealing” that technology and becoming your competitors?
  • Non-compete allows for more trust within a company, fear is removed by barring members from taking knowledge learned and forming an opposing business, keeps employees from working in similar trade as well; mutual agreements; confidentiality agreements increase security and trust.
  • Trade secrets must be legally kept from public and competition.


Services deliverable during this stage of company life cycle:

We create confidentiality/nondisclosure agreements to allow technology to be developed (specifications released to developers), demonstrate the product and allow for limited “selling” of the product under these nondisclosure agreements, avoiding inadvertent disclosure.

In addition, we add clauses related to “non-compete” based upon the likelihood of competition from the party receiving the Company information/property.


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